3 Solutions To Relieve Your Aching Feet

Do you have feet that hurt almost every day? Are you hoping to find something to ease the aches and pains that your feet feel on a regular basis? When your feet are seriously hurting, the best thing that you can do is to consult a specialist about your aches and pains. But the insurance process isn't always quick or easy and your feet are hurting right now. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can at least try while you're waiting to be able to see your podiatrist. Some of these include:

Change your shoes: You may already know that, as you get older, your feet start to spread and to get bigger. This, of course, means that you may not be able to wear the same size shoes that you used to be able to ten or twenty years ago. But what you may not yet realize is that there is more to a shoe than just the stated size. For some people, wearing a shoe without arch support is extremely painful. For others, it's the arch support that causes pain. You'll need to consult with your podiatrist to find out exactly what is best for your feet, but you can at least try wearing a different type of shoe entirely to see if it helps your feet at all.

Stretch your feet: Your feet are full of muscles, ligaments, and dozens of joints. As with any other muscles in your body, the muscles in your feet can become sore when overworked. One thing that may help get your feet ready for the day is to perform a variety of stretching exercises. Your podiatrist should be able to show you specific exercises, but there are still a few things you can do right now. Sit down in a chair with your legs outstretched and your heels touching the ground. Alternate between slowly pointing your toes away from you and towards the ceiling. Switch to curling your toes a few times before pointing your toes again. After repeating this ritual for a few days, you may start to notice a dramatic improvement in your pain levels.

Hot and cold soaks: Soaking your feet in a tub of warm water is something that many people recommend for pain relief. However, there may be an even better way. Fill one basin with water that is a bit hotter than body temperature. Fill another basin with cold tap water. If you live in a warmer climate or are doing this during the summer months, you may want to add a few ice cubes to lower the temperature slightly. Put your feet in the hot water for one minute then switch to the cold water for one minute. Alternate back and forth for five or ten minutes in order to get the full benefits of this treatment. 

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